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MN Law requires any person or business that establishes or maintains an ATM to have a license (MN Statues Section 47.61 to 47.74). Furthermore, owners with existing ATM's are required to transition their paper license to the on-line licensing system (NMLS). Follow the steps below to ascertain your ATM is compliant: 
  • Contact your service provider for the ATM and determine their role in the transition. It is possible they are aware of the new MN statutes and have already transitioned the license. If your service provider has completed the transition of the license you are in compliance with the law and may disregard the following steps.
  • Contact the MN Department of Commerce - your original paper copy of the ATM license should be on file with them. They will assist you in transferring your license to the NMLS site. Here are the website and phone number to assist you:


  • If there is no record of your ATM license, you will register with the NMLS site and complete your paperwork for the online license status. You will be required to attest to some facts and to submit your application.


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