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Upgrading your bill pay August 20

New Features

  • Pay a Person - Allows you to electronically send money to an individual's account via email or direct deposit.

  • GiftPay- Send a monetary gift or donation to an individual or charity.

  • Interactive Calendar - Conveniently shows when payments will be made to help you budget appropriately.

Action Needed from Bill Pay Users:

  • Schedule any payments that are due from August 10 - August 20 prior to the August 10 business day.
    • Payments will continue as normal, but the Bill Pay tab will be unavailable during this time.

  • Print any data that is needed for tax or accounting purposes.
    • Date from August 10 of 2017 through August 10 of 2018 will be converted.
  • Set up eBills on our new system (if you have them).
    • Payees will be notified to reinstate your paper statement if that was being suppressed.

  • Delete hidden or inactive payees that you don't use anymore.
    • All payees will be carried over into the new system to allow you to decide which ones you want to keep active.

  • A $4.95 fee will be charged if your Bill Pay service is not used at least once a month.

Call 866-956-1193 for Bill Pay Support or use the new online chat feature in Bill Pay.