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Business Savings Account & HSA

Business Savings Account

Our Business savings account is a great way for you to build up cash reserves for those unexpected expenses you may encounter. This account will allow you to earn interest on the money you have set aside, while allowing complete access.

  • $50.00 minimum balance.
  • Limited to 6 withdrawals per month not made in person (ie: online, phone and automatic transfers) - .50 per withdrawal over 6 not made in person.
  • Unlimited withdrawals made in person.
  • $1.00/month service charge if account falls below minimum balance.
  • Cash card available - $1.75/month.
  • Contact us for current interest rates today!

Certificate of Deposit

If safe investment options are what you are looking for, our CD’s are a great savings option for you! CD’s are one of the safest investment products available, offering fixed interest rates and FDIC insurance on your money. This will allow you to invest your money worry free and watch it grow.

  • $500.00 minimum balance
  • Penalties may apply if withdrawn early
  • Terms offered:
    • 12 Month
    • 18 Month
    • 24 Month
    • 36 Month
  • Contact us for current interest rates today!

Health Savings Account

Employer Benefits of HSA Plans

You could reduce your insurance premiums substantially by switching to an HSA-qualified high-deductible health plan.

You could lower the fixed costs of your health insurance plan by independently deciding the premium and account funding amounts and review it annually.

Instead of paying 100% of insurance dollars to a carrier, you can deliver some of those dollars directly to employees by funding the account.  By re-allocating insurance premium dollars to individual accounts, individuals have incentives to get involved with the process and get the biggest bang for their buck.

Your contributions to the HSA are made with pre-tax dollars.

You can establish your Health Savings Account with First National Bank of Milaca as the custodian and we will supply account holders with everything needed for their HSA.  We offer an easy account opening plan and Employer/Employee informational meetings and we do all the IRS reporting.  A one-time setup fee of $10.00 may apply.

Contact a new accounts representative for our current interest rates and for any other questions you may have on setting up one of these accounts.