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Anatomy of a Check

Basic Routing Information

When setting up direct deposit or electronic payments, you may be asked to provide your bank's routing number and your account information. This information can be easily obtained by looking at the bottom of your check. See the example below:

Sample Check

NOTE: Do not provide this information to anyone unless you are confident and have verified you are dealing with a trustworthy party.

Understanding Substitute Checks

Occasionally you will notice your check has been converted into an electronic copy. These are called "truncated checks" and can be printed and used as a legal copy of the original check. These legal copies are "substitute checks". Congress enacted legislation in October of 2004, known as Check 21, to facilitate this process and better streamline the nation's check processing efficiency and assist in fighting fraud. Click here to learn more about Check 21.

Sample Substitute Check

Sample Substitute Check

Click here for a more detailed example and explanation of all the features of a substitute check.

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