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Scan Checks & Deposit Them Right From Your Office

What if you could use your office computer to scan in the checks your business receives and electronically send that check image to the bank for deposit into your account using a secure Internet connection? With First National Bank of Milaca’s remote deposit solution, you can!

How It Works

We’ll provide you with a certified check scanner. When you receive a check for deposit to your account, rather than make a trip to the bank, simply scan the check into your computer. Using an Internet connection and web-based software we provide, your checks are delivered securely and immediately to the bank for deposit to your account. All from the comfort and safety of your business office.

The Remote Deposit Process Is Simple:
1 Prepare your deposit and scan your check(s) using a bank-provided USB check scanner.
2 The scanner automatically reads and calculates the check amounts. You just verify its accuracy and balance your deposit from the scanned images.
3 Securely transmit the deposit using your Internet connection and web-based software we provide.
4 We immediately receive and process your deposit as though an employee made it in person.

Benefits and Features

Faster - Immediate deposit processing & reconcilement, eliminating errors and protecting you from fraudulent activity

Lower Costs - eliminates couriers & employee trips to the bank letting them focus more on business and customers. No driving costs, no standing in line, and it’s available 24x7x365.

Safer - Safer than employees and couriers handling checks and physically delivering them.

Secure - Uses multifactor authentication and encryption

Control - You control when deposits are made, offering you improved cash flow

Research - Historical deposit reports allow you to easily research previous activity.

Consolidate - Your distant branch offices can immediately send deposits directly to your business’s primary account.

More Information:

For more information please call us or send us a secure email.

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