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Remote Deposit

Enhanced mobile & desktop remote deposit services for businesses

Remote capture your multiple business checks in one deposit from your business' office or virtually, anywhere anytime. 

mRdc (mobile Remote deposit capture)

A specialized app that can take your business to the next level!

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Remote Deposit Capture

A separate FNB Milaca Biz mobile app available from the App Store or Google Play Store (gray in color) that allows you to remotely deposit checks in batches using your phone or electronic device.


Endorsing Your Checks:

  • Sign your checks;
  • Write “For Mobile Deposit Only” on the back;
  • Include the last 3 digits of the account you want the money to be deposited into on the back; and 
visual example of mobile deposit. ### is your last three of deposit number


Scan Checks & Deposit from your Office

Use your office computer to scan checks your business receives and electronically send those check images to the bank for deposit.
Contact us today to discuss how your business can remotely deposit checks right from your office.

We’ll provide you with a certified check scanner and web-based software program for your office. Scan any checks for deposit through the program and your checks will be delivered securely and immediately to your account. 
Faster - Immediate deposit processing & reconcilement, eliminating errors and protecting you from fraudulent activity

Lower Costs - Reduces courier costs & employee trips to the bank. No driving costs, no standing in line and 24/7 availability.

Safer – Eliminates the need for handling checks and physically delivering them to the bank.

Secure - Uses multifactor authentication and encryption

Control – You decide when deposits are made offering you improved cash flow.

Research - Historical deposit reports allow you to easily research previous activity.

Consolidate - Your distant branch offices can immediately send deposits directly to your business’s bank account.
Call 320-983-3101 to ask about getting started today!

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