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Bill Pay

Our Online Banking bill payment service allows you to take control of who, when, and how much you pay. You can easily set up one-time or recurring payments to just about anyone.

Get Started  

  • Log into your online banking session
  • Select the Bills & Payments tab
  • Choose CLICK HERE to request Bill Pay
  • On your primary checking account, select Edit under the I want to dropdown menu
  • Click the Basic with Bill Pay button and Submit
    • Approval may take up to 24 business hours
  • Return to your Bills & Payments tab
  • Set up your Payee information under the “Payee” button
  • Use your Payee information to send a one-time payment or set up recurring payments using your online banking session or mobile banking app
Once you have access to Bill Pay, we have video instructions to walk you through the process as well as online chat and telephone customer service to answer all of your questions.

Additional features include:

  • Pay a Person – allows you to electronically send money to an individual’s account via email or direct deposit.
  • GiftPay – send a monetary gift or donation to an individual or charity.
  • Bill Pay Alerts – set up text and/or email reminders about your bills
  • Interactive Calendar – conveniently shows when payments will be made to help you budget appropriately.
  • Bill Pay support is available by phone


  • $4.95 monthly inactivity fee for Bill Pay Customers who do not make at least 1 payment within the calendar month.
  • Rush fees and fees associated with GiftPay are disclosed prior to making the payment